SEO Defined

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What do people think about your company when they can’t find your website?  With 4.9 billion internet searches being conducted every month, you need to make sure that your website is being found by prospective customers.  Search Engine Optimization is just one program available to assist with your search engine ranking. Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization also known as … Read More

Tip: Optimize Those Photos!

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An important design element that can give life to your site is photos.  Photos can add a lot of character to the site, put visitors in the correct frame of mind to view your site, as well as help someone determine in the first five seconds if they should even bother looking at any other pages. The most important thing … Read More

Writing for the Web vs Print

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How did you decide what content was going to go on your website?  Did you just take the text from your sell sheets and other materials and retype it onto your site?  If so, you need to know that the content on printed materials may not be effective for the web.  Print media does not always translate well to the … Read More

Tip: Navigation Font

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One of the easiest ways to tell if a site is useful or not is to check out the navigation.   The navigation has several important elements that must be followed to make it something that is useful.  The font size is one of the important elements of navigation. All of the navigation choices should be the same size font.  The … Read More

Tools for Website Planning

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As you are putting together your 2009 website plan you need to consider how you are going to make your website even more useful to visitors.  Here are some questions to ask and some tips to help you plan. First, write a plan for how you are going to have visitors move through your site.  Actually map it out or … Read More

Wisconsin Web Design – Everything you need to know

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Type “Wisconsin Web Design” into Google and you will get a huge list of results.  What makes one design company different from the other?   For starters, not all businesses have the customer’s best interests in mind!  But how do you know if they do or do not?  Simple. Have you ever called up a design company and asked “how much … Read More