Brand Image and the Internet

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Let’s talk about how your brand is being presented on the internet. First, what is brand image?  Brand image is a linkage to strong, favorable and unique associations to brand in memory. Did you know that your website can be an excellent tool to help facilitate this linkage!  In order for your website to assist with this though it must … Read More

Tip: Answer Questions First

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Why do existing customers come to your site?  Most likely they are trying to find an answer to their question without having to call you. This is common knowledge to many people yet their company’s websites do not answer their visitor’s questions.   Does your site? Here is a simple item to add to answer customer questions.  Ready for it? Here’s … Read More

Tip: Get To The Point!

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When you are writing for your website, remember to get to the point ASAP! The easiest way to do this is to think like a visitor while you are writing.  Ask yourself what the most important information would be to you if you came to your site for the first time. Once you are finished, go back and re-read your … Read More

How Do You Build Brand Awareness Online?

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Your website is an excellent way to help build your brand. As you probably remember from marketing class, two ways to build brand awareness are through: brand recognition and brand recall. Brand recognition is achieved through repeated exposure to a message and images.  Think about your website – does it promote the same message that your marketing materials do?  Does … Read More

Tip: Show How You Can Help!

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Writing for the web is very different than writing a printed document.  Content on a website must quickly show the visitor what you can do for them.  Think about it, how did you decide what content was going to go on your website?  Did you just take the text from your sell sheets and other materials and retype it onto … Read More

Five Items to Measure Regularly

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Five items you should be measuring regularly: Number of distinct visitors – be careful that you are not tracking the number of hits instead. The difference is that unique visitors are measured by their special IP address and are counted only once no matter how many times they visit your site. Number of pages viewed – knowing this information will … Read More

How Popular is Your Site?

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Have you ever wondered how popular your website is compared to all the other sites out there?  What about compared to your competitors?   There is a cool online tool available that you can use to find this information and I’d like to share it with you.  The best part about this tool is that it is FREE to use. Using … Read More

User Experience

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“I just love your company’s website!” – When was the last time someone said this to you? If you haven’t heard this in a while or even worse, ever, perhaps it is time to think about updating your site.  Even a few changes can really help give your website a new feel and increase interest among potential customers. Knowing what … Read More

Your Overall Online Strategy

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“A good site is directed by marketers, not website designers.”   This statement is very powerful and something that every business needs to take seriously.  Your site is not just about a nice design and layout; your website must be aligned with your overall marketing strategy.  In order to understand how your website fits into your overall marketing efforts, you need … Read More

Tip: Effective Calls to Action!

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When visitors come to your website, they want to be able to find information fast, to have an enjoyable experience, and to have some interaction with your site. You need to make sure that every page of your website has some interaction on it that requests a visitor to take an action that you desire. For example: Call Today, Request … Read More