Is Your Website Ready for eCommerce?

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Internet users are willing and ready to purchase online.  According to The Nielsen Company, “More than 85% of the world’s Internet users surveyed have purchased something online.” Is your company ready to take this step in meeting the needs of potential customers? eCommerce solutions can be a real benefit to companies.  Here are a few benefits: Real Savings for you … Read More

Label Your Images!

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Image labels are such a minor detail to a website that no one really thinks about them.  However, it is very important to label the images throughout your website. This needs to be done because of the different speeds of internet connections.  If someone has a slower connection to the internet that means that your website is going to load … Read More

Proper Page Titles

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I’m sure you have heard that each page of your website should be properly named.  What exactly does that mean?  Well a proper title means that it contains keywords and relevant information that describe the content of the page. That is very important so I will say it again, it must describe the content of THAT page. Proper titles also … Read More

Ever Thought About Colocation?

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Most websites can be hosted in a shared hosting environment but if your website is very large and has sensitive information, it may be better handled all alone on a dedicated server. Many companies that determine their site needs it own server do not have the ability or time to take care of it themselves.  Colocation therefore takes away the … Read More

SEO & Google

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Google strives for searcher loyalty.  When you do a search, their algorithms sort the millions of potential results into an order and present them to you one page at a time.  Their algorithms determine the display based on what they can glean from the available websites. You’ve probably discovered that sometimes the results are great, and sometimes the results stink. … Read More

Marketing in this Economy

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Why in this economy when you need sales the most would you cut your marketing?  Why ignore your website? Now is the time to grab market share when your competition has stopped their marketing.  When every penny counts, you need to make smart marketing decisions. Think about it – if you spend money on an ad in a magazine, do … Read More

Where is Your Contact Info?

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What do you want someone to do after visiting your website?  Duh, you want them to contact you.  If this answer is obvious, then why do so many websites make visitors go to the “Contact Us” page to first learn about how to get a hold of them? Go check your website right now – does your site do this? … Read More

Asset or Expense?

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Your website can be a valuable asset or just another expense. Your website must be both useful by design and used by those searching for what you offer to be a true business asset. The best, most useful websites utilize both proven and cutting-edge technologies to grab the attention of the visitor, perform critical business functions and generally provide an … Read More

Tip: Put it in the Heading!

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As you can imagine, website visitors barely read what you write.  They are all about skimming a page for the information they are looking for.  The easiest way to help them find what they are looking for is with page headings. It is very important that you figure out what visitors to your site are looking for and put it … Read More

Important Hosting Elements

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Warning: All hosting companies are not created equal. There are so many hosting companies available to you nowadays.   So how do you pick one?  I wanted to remind you of three elements that you must look for when choosing a hosting company. The three elements to look for are: Uptime Reliability. Make sure that the company you are looking at … Read More