“Natural” Linking to Your Website?

Jeffrey KirkWebsite Tips, Website Traffic6 Comments

When discussing methods of driving traffic to your website someone will undoubtedly say that you need to build “natural links” to your site. What are natural links? And is natural linking really natural? Let’s start by taking a look at what natural linking is. Basically it is linking to your site that occurs naturally. Duh, pretty straight forward. But consider … Read More

Contact Info, Where?

Joe ComoWebsite Conversion, Website Tips0 Comments

I just went to a website and became very frustrated so I need to share this tip with you today.  Here is the tip:  put contact information in your calls-to-action within the text of your website! For example, if one of your paragraphs ends with “pick up the phone and call us right now” then you should make absolutely sure … Read More

Drive Traffic with Your Corporate Blog

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“Why don’t I get good website traffic?” “Is something wrong with my website?” “Do I have to spend more money?” “Is there something I can do that won’t cost much?” “I know that if people actually got to our website, it would sell for us.” Maybe you’ve had some of these thoughts regarding the poor performance of your own website.  … Read More

Solving a Form Security Issue

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You may or may not realize that we develop websites and host them for our clients.  What I’m about to tell you comes from that expertise. Over the past few months we’ve noticed a security issue that has become a major concern.  If you have your own website, you should be aware that SPAM Bots and Form Bots have been … Read More