Your Customer is Waiting

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What is your customer waiting for?  YOU! Do you want to connect with them?  Of course you do!  That’s what your business is all about.  You need to reach out and connect with your customers (and those who want to be your customers). I talk about blogs a lot, and write about them too.  They are really great for connecting … Read More

Alexa Rank for Your Website

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From time to time people ask me about their Alexa rank.  Or if we’re doing positioning research for a client we may bring up their Alexa rank.  If you’re not familiar with the term, an Alexa rank, is a relative ranking of the “popularity” of a website compared to all other websites, based on the traffic a website receives. Alexa … Read More

The Evolution of Online Stores, Part Three

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Just this past week I went to a website that is well-known in its niche industry, comes up #1 on Google search engine results page, and offers fantastic items for sale, with a customized eCommerce approach that seems designed circa 1955.  OK, you caught me… no internet in 1955, so it must have been near the end of the last Century.   … Read More