Bounce Rates – Part 2

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Want to lower your bounce rate? Here are some easy tips on how you can achieve this! Check to make sure that your meta tags and keywords are relevant to your site.  Irrelevant words and phrases target the wrong audience, which leads to you getting a bunch of visitors who are not looking for what your site has to offer.  … Read More

Bounce Rates – Part 1

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Bounce Rates are a way to gain insight on your readers’ behaviors when visiting your site.  Some sites’ bounce rates are lower, and some can be quite high.  Why is this?  What is an ideal bounce rate to have?  But most importantly, what the heck is bounce rate? A Bounce Rate (BR) is the percentage of site visitors who arrive … Read More

Quick and Easy Website Improvements

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Everyone wants their website to be the best of the best.  Many people try to achieve this through the use of bright colors and animated graphics.  The truth is, all of that is distracting – it doesn’t get you business.  A successful website that generates business is one that is easy to read and look at, and simple to use.  … Read More

The 101 on Meta Tags

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What meta tags do you have on your website?  While they are not as highly valued as they used to be, meta tags can still gain you some recognition by search engines.  Meta tags are HTML codes that you insert into a header on a page of your website, right after the title tag (this is done in your site’s … Read More