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You may have seen an FAQ section included on some websites you have visited.  FAQ’s are actually a really nice thing to have on your website, for various reasons.  It is obviously a great place to answer repeat questions.  It’s also a  place to add information about your business that really doesn’t fit with any other page.  FAQ pages are … Read More

Let’s See, PPC?

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PPC.  Yet another acronym to shove into your brain, right?  Well, this is one you will want to remember.  PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is a great way to advertise your website online. You have decided to create a PPC ad for your website that sells…drum roll…leaf blowers!!  The ad itself will only take a few days to create, and then it’s … Read More

Conversion Chatter

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You have probably heard talk of website conversion.  It may sound intimidating, but it really isn’t.  Website conversion is simply the comparison of the number of people who visit your site with the number of people that take the action you want them to take.  When discussing and determining your conversion rate, there are a few things that you need … Read More

The History of the Computer Mouse

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Today, I looked at my mouse and realized just how interesting of an object it is.  Being the curious person that I am, I decided to look up the history of the computer mouse, and share my findings with you. The mouse was invented in 1963 by Douglas Engelbart, with the help of his colleague Bill English.  They called their … Read More

Preparing Your Press Release

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Press releases are used to share something newsworthy about your business with the public.  But there is a secret use for them as well!  You can use press releases to advertise your business, create more links to your site,  and have another page to show up in search engine results.  Here are some aspects of press releases that every new … Read More