Social Media Marketing Tip – Other People’s Blogs

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You might ask yourself why would you spend valuable time participating in discussions and writing comments on other people’s blogs? It takes time to establish a reputation of being the expert in your industry.  Since your customers don’t always find you, it’s up to you to “get out there” and build your own credibility. Tip #1:  Learn and identify 2 … Read More

Tips on Social Media Marketing With LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a leading social network for professionals.  There are almost 50 million users from over 200 countries! Tip #1:  Reserve your business name and create a LinkedIn account.  Explore LinkedIn to learn more about it and as always, check to see if your competitors are using it, too!  Tip #2:  Check to see if some of your customers are … Read More

Tips on Social Media Marketing With Twitter

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Twitter has grown very popular among small businesses as an incredible way to market through a social media platform. If your company hasn’t signed up on Twitter yet, sign up for a business account today! Twitter itself offers an easy to use guide to help you understand what it can do for you. Tip #1:  Spend a few minutes becoming … Read More

Tips on Social Media Marketing With Facebook

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Planning and executing effective marketing is a challenge for every business. Give your marketing efforts new life by using social media. Facebook has over 300 million users. This may seem like a huge number for you to target but Facebook offers a very powerful way to build a social marketing presence and connect to prospects at a low cost. If … Read More