Defending the Internet

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A group called the Internet Defense League is trying to create a a way to mobilize open-internet activists to protest against legislation that would crack down too tight on the Internet. The group’s motto: “Make sure the Internet never loses. Ever.” The group has come up with a “bat signal” to rally their followers. Tiffiniy Cheng is co-director of the nonprofit … Read More

DNS Changer Malware

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Back in November, the FBI arrested individuals in connection with a malicious computer infection that attacks both Windows and Mac machines.  It is called the DNS Changer Trojan.   The DNS Changer malware replaces the DNS settings for the computers it infects with addresses of botnet servers. When users try to go to certain websites, the DNS changer redirects them … Read More

Social Media Brings Back Discontinued Favorites

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Just when you find the perfect moisturizer or the ideal shampoo it gets discontinued.  Right? Perhaps you spent a lot of time searching for just the right product only to have it disappear from the shelves never to return.  Sure you complained, but that did little to get the manufacturers attention.  Now, thanks to social media like Facebook and Twitter, consumers are fighting back and … Read More

DotNetNuke Advantage #4 – Portals

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A DNN portal is an entrance to a website.  The DotNetNuke portal has many advantages. Each portal has a domain name such as  If you wanted to buy a different domain name, under a shared hosting environment, you would then need to buy another hosting package.  This could become costly for your business.  When you use a multiple DNN portal system, you have a single hosting … Read More