Powerful Newsletter Subjects

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Yesterday I left off talking about subject lines for your newsletter mailings. To demonstrate the importance of a good subject line, I’ll use a different form of marketing to illustrate. Think of movie posters, specifically the taglines.  Now even more specifically the poster for the movie Alien.  I’ll describe it in case you don’t know what it looks like… It’s … Read More

Promoting Your Ecommerce Store

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Have you put together a plan for promoting your ecommerce store? Whether you run a big business, small business, or you hold down the fort at your home office, you’ve got to have some kind of media plan which includes an email newsletter.  And that newsletter must go out regularly. Many ecommerce store owners fail to send out newsletters on … Read More

List Building Club – Review

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Whether your business is online or offline, virtual or brick and mortar, one of your biggest assets is your customer and prospect list.  Don’t get me wrong, simply having a list does not create value.  Copying names out of a phone book doesn’t create value.  Buying a list from a list broker doesn’t create value. Having a list of people … Read More