10 Traffic and Conversion Tips

Here’s a quick-start to driving more traffic to your site and getting more business to convert.  It’s like this: 

Let’s say you get 1000 visitors to your site and 1% on average take the action you want them to take.  That means that 10 visitors made a purchase…

Now what if you can improve your numbers by 50%?
– 50% more visitors would be 500 extra for a total of 1500
– 50% more conversion would be an extra 0.5% for a total of 1.5%

1.5% of 1500 = 22.5.  Let’s just call it 22 purchases…

Two 50% improvements results in 120% added to your bottom line!  Wow!  If you had only worked on getting more traffic OR more conversion you’d have stopped at a 50% improvement.

So, here are 10 things you can do right now to improve both traffic and conversion:

  1. Get more links to your site (traffic)
    Search engines rank your site higher if more sites link to yours.  So create some interest in your site.
  2. Create effective headlines (conversion)
    Headlines grab attention when someone starts out skimming your page.  If they don’t like your headline, you will not capture them.
  3. Paid Placement, PPC (traffic)
    This method is not free, but it can be effective.  If you know how much a customer is worth, and you know your conversion rate, then you can figure out what’s it’s worth to pay for a visitor to your site.  Google, Yahoo, and MSN all have PPC networks where you pay each time someone clicks the link to your site.
  4. Add testimonials (conversion)
    People like to know that other people are already happy with you and your business.  So help give them that comfortable feeling they’re looking for.
  5. Directory Submissions (traffic)
    Search engines like Google do a pretty good job of finding sites if another site links to them.  Directories, on the other hand, need to be told about your site.  Find some general or niche-based directories and submit your site listing.  We have a free book for you on this subject.  See details below.
  6. Use benefits more than features (conversion)
    People like to know the features of a product, but they buy the benefits.  They want to know why that feature is important to them.  In other words you want to tap into their emotions.
  7. Set up a blog (traffic)
    Everyone is talking about blogs.  Search engines rate blogs quite highly so you might consider adding one to your site.
  8. Ask for minimal information (conversion)
    When someone is about to place an order do you need to get 4 ways to contact them?  Consider that you will lose some percent of orders with each additional blank that has to be filled in.  Less is more.
  9. Press releases (traffic)
    You’ve heard of traditional press releases to announce some news to a local paper or television station.  You cross your fingers and hope to get mentioned.  The internet makes it easy.  Several press release sites will publish just about anything you send their way.  With links back to your site you can provide another way for people to find you.
  10. Do a split test (conversion)
    Split what?  A split test is a comparison of two different views of your website.  You could ask, “If I add this to my website does my conversion go up or down?”  A split test will answer that question.  Through a series of tests you can determine the optimal solution to drive conversion.
    OK, here’s one more… the grandest of them all…
  11. Create Quality Content (traffic and conversion)
    The is the Holy Grail of both traffic and conversion.  People are looking for good content.  Search engines are looking for good content.  Search engines know that people like content so they rank such sites favorably.  Once the people get there, if they find what they need, you’ve got a sale!  Therefore your number one goal should be to write the best possible content you can!

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