Using the Power of Natural Language in Calls-to-Action

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Human language is probably the most challenging aspect for we humans. We have cultivated our own speech into our own way of communicating in our own area of the world: Spanish, French, English, Portuguese etc.  You who are in website development, sales and computer programmers understand the power of language and how it can affect you personally and your business. … Read More

Mobile Devices and Tablets Drive 7% of Total U.S. Digital Traffic

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A recent report from comScore,Inc. called “Digital Omnivores”, revealed that nearly 7% of digital traffic in the U.S. is driven by smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.  The report says that digital media consumption is exploding and the impact on online visitation is tremendous! The term “digital omnivore” is defined by the report as “a consumer who accesses content through … Read More

IMAP or POP Email?

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IMAP or POP email, what’s the difference? IMAP and POP3 represent two different ways of sending and receiving email.  You may have seen both these options when trying to set up your email on your computer or phone.  Lately, I have been receiving many calls from our clients about which one they should select when setting up their mobile device … Read More

Asset or Expense?

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Your website can be a valuable asset or just another expense. Your website must be both useful by design and used by those searching for what you offer to be a true business asset. The best, most useful websites utilize both proven and cutting-edge technologies to grab the attention of the visitor, perform critical business functions and generally provide an … Read More