Browsers and Security Vulnerabilities

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You’ve probably heard someone say, “I won’t try that new version until they’ve worked the bugs out”.  “Bugs” is another term for “issues” and often times newly released upgrades or versions of just about anything technological will have “bugs”.  Browsers are no different.  Software bugs can range from annoying to frustrating, depending on what stops working.  Sometimes, however, there are … Read More

Internet Explorer Still Most Popular Browser – For Now

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Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) is by far the most popular web browser but it continues to decline and lose market share, according to a number of recent reports.  Mozilla Firefox sits in second place and third place goes to Google Chrome.  One report from Net Applications has Internet Explorer usage at 54%, but that is down from 60% reported at … Read More

Firefox 4.0

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Firefox 4.0 is bringing together all sorts of new features for the ultimate web browsing experience.  It comes with a ton of awesome features, like the Awesome Bar, 3D, and more! For a complete picture of everything 4.0 has to offer, visit Let’s start with the Awesome Bar.  What makes it so awesome?  It lets you get to your … Read More

Internet Explorer 9

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Internet Explorer 9 offers you increased performance in both functionality and security.  There are several features in particular that I would like to highlight for you.  For a more complete view of all the features that IE 9 has to offer, visit The updated notification bar allows for faster browsing.  You no longer have to deal with pesky dialogue … Read More

Safari 5.1

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According to Apple, Safari is now “more fascinating, more secure, and more fun.”  I couldn’t agree more.  With so many new features, I have no idea where to begin.  Since I can’t talk about everything, you can satisfy your thirst for knowledge about Safari at There’s the handy Reading List, ideal for those of us who don’t have enough … Read More

Google Chrome 11.0.696.50

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Google Chrome is known for its speed, simplicity, and security.  The newest release is version 11.0.696.50, and comes with the features to back up its reputation.  Let’s look at some of these features today.  For a complete look at Google Chrome, check out Chrome has its own V8, literally.  It is a more powerful JavaSript engine that was built … Read More