5 tips to improve your websites Call-to-action

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Use direct and clear language. It’s important to know that passive calls-to-action will get you low clicks and low results. Remember, your call to action should incorporate a powerful action of words. Tell what you want your website visitor to do. Verbs are specifically helpful when addressing actions you want your visitor to do. Calls-to-action or CTA’s should be written … Read More

Using the Power of Natural Language in Calls-to-Action

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Human language is probably the most challenging aspect for we humans. We have cultivated our own speech into our own way of communicating in our own area of the world: Spanish, French, English, Portuguese etc.  You who are in website development, sales and computer programmers understand the power of language and how it can affect you personally and your business. … Read More

Your Landing Page One and Done? Not So Fast!

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A landing page is a great tool and focal point for your online marketing efforts.  Once you setup and monitor meaningful metrics for your landing page, don’t be afraid to make changes and then measure the results of those changes. Sometimes changing the on-page content is needed.  Perhaps your landing page copy needs tweaking or the addition of a photo … Read More

Website Analytics Are Good For Business

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Web analytics is a tool used to measure, collect and analyze internet data.  Today’s analytics do more than just tally up how many visitors come to your website each month.  Analytics can tell you where your visitors go, how long they stay there, and whether or not they complete the sale, sign up or achieve whatever conversion goal you have … Read More

Web Genius Summit

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As an website development and internet marketing firm we often get questions like: “how do I get more people to purchase on my website?” “should we be using Twitter?” “is search engine optimization really a good thing or just a waste of money?” “how can we show up on the first page of Google?” “what good is blog anyway?” Instead … Read More

Getting Customer Feedback

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What kind of products, services, or information does your customer want?  Are you regularly asking them? Sometimes getting your customers and prospects to open up about what they want is difficult at best.  You call them up and they haven’t thought about it, so you don’t get good information.  Or you send them a survey in the mail, it sits … Read More

Contact Info, Where?

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I just went to a website and became very frustrated so I need to share this tip with you today.  Here is the tip:  put contact information in your calls-to-action within the text of your website! For example, if one of your paragraphs ends with “pick up the phone and call us right now” then you should make absolutely sure … Read More

Tools for Website Planning

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As you are putting together your 2009 website plan you need to consider how you are going to make your website even more useful to visitors.  Here are some questions to ask and some tips to help you plan. First, write a plan for how you are going to have visitors move through your site.  Actually map it out or … Read More