An Internal Affair – Your Own Intranet?

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Whether your organization is large, small or in between, you can probably benefit from a secure company intranet for sharing information on an ongoing basis among management, employees, representatives, etc.  One of the big advantages of a properly configured intranet is that authorized users can get what they need from anywhere at anytime, with just an internet connection (or even … Read More

Where to Start When Creating a Member Dashboard

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Once you understand the potential for your company or organization in taking your website to the next level, building a community of users via a Member Dashboard, what’s next?  What’s your plan of action? There are three main areas your plan should cover: Technical/Platform Content/Data Access/Flow #1 – Technical/Platform: Determine the eventual size and scope of your dashboard so that … Read More

Backing Up Your Blog Content

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It’s not enough to back up your blog template because it is not the look and feel of your blog site that matters.  It is what you have to say that counts. If you have a separate corporate blog that links to your corporate website, then it’s important to think about backing up your blog content.   Your blog site is … Read More

New Website Firm? 3 Things to Check For

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Here are three important things to check for when searching for a new website designer. 1. Legitimate Experience Just because someone has done something before it does not give them the credentials to achieve the best results or to be called an expert.  Your chances of success improve by finding a company with a dedicated team.  This team should have … Read More

Asset or Expense?

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Your website can be a valuable asset or just another expense. Your website must be both useful by design and used by those searching for what you offer to be a true business asset. The best, most useful websites utilize both proven and cutting-edge technologies to grab the attention of the visitor, perform critical business functions and generally provide an … Read More