Magnetize Your Website With a Dedicated Landing Page

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Think of a landing page (aka a lead generation page) as a sort of “smart magnet” for your website.  It wants to be smart enough to attract visitors interested in just one thing and convert them into leads or even sales for you.  It does this by being focused on one idea, service, product, or even geographic area so that … Read More

Preparing for Your Website Upgrade

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So, it’s time to upgrade your website software.  What’s next? Start by opening your favorite browser and go through your website, page-by-page, making good notes about anything that may not be displaying or working correctly.  You may find that the site’s graphics won’t look right or some elements of your content may overlap one another.  Test all the functional elements … Read More

Web Genius Summit – volume 1

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The Web Genius Summit has just concluded the first set of 12 interviews.  You can read about the first six sessions in the previous post at Web Genius Summit Update. This current post will give a recap of the final six interviews of volume 1… The second half of the series kicked off with Erik Stafford.  Erik is an internationally … Read More

Powerful Newsletter Subjects

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Yesterday I left off talking about subject lines for your newsletter mailings. To demonstrate the importance of a good subject line, I’ll use a different form of marketing to illustrate. Think of movie posters, specifically the taglines.  Now even more specifically the poster for the movie Alien.  I’ll describe it in case you don’t know what it looks like… It’s … Read More

Promoting Your Ecommerce Store

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Have you put together a plan for promoting your ecommerce store? Whether you run a big business, small business, or you hold down the fort at your home office, you’ve got to have some kind of media plan which includes an email newsletter.  And that newsletter must go out regularly. Many ecommerce store owners fail to send out newsletters on … Read More

Web Genius Summit

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As an website development and internet marketing firm we often get questions like: “how do I get more people to purchase on my website?” “should we be using Twitter?” “is search engine optimization really a good thing or just a waste of money?” “how can we show up on the first page of Google?” “what good is blog anyway?” Instead … Read More

The Evolution of Online Stores, Part Three

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Just this past week I went to a website that is well-known in its niche industry, comes up #1 on Google search engine results page, and offers fantastic items for sale, with a customized eCommerce approach that seems designed circa 1955.  OK, you caught me… no internet in 1955, so it must have been near the end of the last Century.   … Read More

The Evolution of Online Stores, Part One

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It was only about 15 years ago that most of us were wondering how anyone could make money with this new internet thing.  The slow speed of dial-up access kept a regulator on the numbers of web users and what could be done online.  But there were many who tried and some who were successful, surviving the “” bust of … Read More