The Dislike Button: Social Nightmare or Marketing Dream

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  The Facebook ‘dislike’ button has been a long time request by many fans of social media. Some think that the dislike button will be toxic to our relationships. Others fear it will be abused, leading to to bullying and fostering of further negativity. “It seems that we have been become so fragile that any sign of negativity — even … Read More

Google Doesn’t Care About Keywords, Why Should You?

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You may have heard something similar to “Google places very little value on meta tag keywords now” and many successful websites don’t even have keyword meta tags.  While this is true, for the most part, keywords are still the most valuable tool you have in bringing search engine recognition and good rankings to your website. While Google and other major … Read More

Magnetize Your Website With a Dedicated Landing Page

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Think of a landing page (aka a lead generation page) as a sort of “smart magnet” for your website.  It wants to be smart enough to attract visitors interested in just one thing and convert them into leads or even sales for you.  It does this by being focused on one idea, service, product, or even geographic area so that … Read More

Legal Risks to Using Social Media

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It’s probably never crossed your mind that your business could take on some legal risks if you or your employees use social media as part of your marketing strategy.  It’s a good idea to take the follow under consideration when promoting your company through social media.   #1. Intellectual property   Be careful about using content created by others. It’s OK to comment … Read More

What Are People Saying About Your Company?

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There are ways to find out what people are saying about your company, your products and your advertising. Tip #1:  Set up to receive Google Alerts. Google Alerts crawl the internet for any reference to a topic you are tracking and will alert you in an email.  Let’s say, for example, you want to track your company name or product.  Anytime they … Read More

Social Media Marketing Using Multi Media

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Social Media Marketing Using Multi Media Using multi media as a marketing tool on the internet includes things like videos, photos, and audio recordings.  Learning and implementing these types of things can be challenging for small businesses.  The up-side is they can provide great social media marketing results. Tip #1:  YouTube is good social site for small businesses. If you … Read More

Tips on Social Media Marketing With LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a leading social network for professionals.  There are almost 50 million users from over 200 countries! Tip #1:  Reserve your business name and create a LinkedIn account.  Explore LinkedIn to learn more about it and as always, check to see if your competitors are using it, too!  Tip #2:  Check to see if some of your customers are … Read More

Web Genius Summit – volume 1

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The Web Genius Summit has just concluded the first set of 12 interviews.  You can read about the first six sessions in the previous post at Web Genius Summit Update. This current post will give a recap of the final six interviews of volume 1… The second half of the series kicked off with Erik Stafford.  Erik is an internationally … Read More