Online Contact Forms Can Spell L-E-A-D-S or S-P-A-M (or even S-C-A-M)

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One of the best means of getting leads from your website is an online form that can be completed by visitors who want to take you up on what your website offers or find out more about your business. As lead generation goes, those that come from a well-conceived online form are typically pretty solid, providing the information your sales … Read More

Mobile-Friendly Means More Website Traffic on Mobile Devices

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Since Google announced Mobile-geddon in April of this year we’ve been keeping our eye on some of the clients’ website traffic whose SEO programs we manage at Comstar.  Some of them have already made the move to a responsive, mobile-friendly website design, while others have not. Six months ago Google let the world know that it was going to reward … Read More

Google Doesn’t Care About Keywords, Why Should You?

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You may have heard something similar to “Google places very little value on meta tag keywords now” and many successful websites don’t even have keyword meta tags.  While this is true, for the most part, keywords are still the most valuable tool you have in bringing search engine recognition and good rankings to your website. While Google and other major … Read More

Magnetize Your Website With a Dedicated Landing Page

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Think of a landing page (aka a lead generation page) as a sort of “smart magnet” for your website.  It wants to be smart enough to attract visitors interested in just one thing and convert them into leads or even sales for you.  It does this by being focused on one idea, service, product, or even geographic area so that … Read More

Responsive Web Design is Now S.O.P.

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In the web design world, what was once novel and new either fades away because it is trendy and not effective – or becomes a movement and then gets taken for granted because it works.  Responsive web design, like a content management system, is one of those things that we have now come to expect when thinking about developing a … Read More

Common SEO Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential in getting traffic driven to your site.  When optimizing your site, there are several common mistakes that too many people tend to make.  It is important to become aware of what these mistakes are, so that you don’t make them too! Search engine spiders have trouble reading flash and cannot read javascript at all.  … Read More

Bounce Rates – Part 2

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Want to lower your bounce rate? Here are some easy tips on how you can achieve this! Check to make sure that your meta tags and keywords are relevant to your site.  Irrelevant words and phrases target the wrong audience, which leads to you getting a bunch of visitors who are not looking for what your site has to offer.  … Read More

Bounce Rates – Part 1

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Bounce Rates are a way to gain insight on your readers’ behaviors when visiting your site.  Some sites’ bounce rates are lower, and some can be quite high.  Why is this?  What is an ideal bounce rate to have?  But most importantly, what the heck is bounce rate? A Bounce Rate (BR) is the percentage of site visitors who arrive … Read More