Preparing for Your Website Upgrade

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So, it’s time to upgrade your website software.  What’s next? Start by opening your favorite browser and go through your website, page-by-page, making good notes about anything that may not be displaying or working correctly.  You may find that the site’s graphics won’t look right or some elements of your content may overlap one another.  Test all the functional elements … Read More

Creating Websites – Exposing the Myths

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It’s time to build a new website or update a current one.  Now what?  How do you determine which website professional is right for you and your business?  There are many half-truths or even complete lies out there.  I have made a small list of website myths and busted them for you!  My hope is that it will help educate … Read More

Web Genius Summit

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As an website development and internet marketing firm we often get questions like: “how do I get more people to purchase on my website?” “should we be using Twitter?” “is search engine optimization really a good thing or just a waste of money?” “how can we show up on the first page of Google?” “what good is blog anyway?” Instead … Read More

When is a Website Done?

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Let’s say you’re going to get a brand new website.  You might decide to create it yourself, hire your nephew, or have it built by a professional firm.  (I know which of those three you should choose, but that’s for a different article.)  Regardless of your choice, when will the website be done? On the due date, before the due … Read More

Contact Info, Where?

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I just went to a website and became very frustrated so I need to share this tip with you today.  Here is the tip:  put contact information in your calls-to-action within the text of your website! For example, if one of your paragraphs ends with “pick up the phone and call us right now” then you should make absolutely sure … Read More