Mobile-Friendly Means More Website Traffic on Mobile Devices

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Since Google announced Mobile-geddon in April of this year we’ve been keeping our eye on some of the clients’ website traffic whose SEO programs we manage at Comstar.  Some of them have already made the move to a responsive, mobile-friendly website design, while others have not. Six months ago Google let the world know that it was going to reward … Read More

Quick and Easy Website Improvements

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Everyone wants their website to be the best of the best.  Many people try to achieve this through the use of bright colors and animated graphics.  The truth is, all of that is distracting – it doesn’t get you business.  A successful website that generates business is one that is easy to read and look at, and simple to use.  … Read More

Contact Info, Where?

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I just went to a website and became very frustrated so I need to share this tip with you today.  Here is the tip:  put contact information in your calls-to-action within the text of your website! For example, if one of your paragraphs ends with “pick up the phone and call us right now” then you should make absolutely sure … Read More

How to Convert Site Visitors

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If your site covers all of your visitor’s wants, they will be more willing to take the action that you desire.  A recent study found that the following techniques listed below will increase the chances of your visitor taking the action that you desire. 1.      Show the visitor what you can do for them. 2.      Get to the point right … Read More

You vs We

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Many companies make the mistake of writing in a way of “we do this” and “we do that.”  Nothing turns a visitor off more than that.  Think more “you” and less “we”.  Let’s look at an example. Imagine you are heading to a website to read about a certain type of oranges for sale.  Here is what the website says … Read More

Tip: Answer Questions First

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Why do existing customers come to your site?  Most likely they are trying to find an answer to their question without having to call you. This is common knowledge to many people yet their company’s websites do not answer their visitor’s questions.   Does your site? Here is a simple item to add to answer customer questions.  Ready for it? Here’s … Read More