Using the Power of Natural Language in Calls-to-Action

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Human language is probably the most challenging aspect for we humans. We have cultivated our own speech into our own way of communicating in our own area of the world: Spanish, French, English, Portuguese etc.  You who are in website development, sales and computer programmers understand the power of language and how it can affect you personally and your business. … Read More

Responsive Web Design . . . A Few Final Thoughts

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Mobile users are not ‘secondary’ Traditionally, many businesses have thought of the mobile site as the “secondary” location. Yet search engine trends show that soon will not be the case (and maybe is not the case today). Businesses increasingly need to get their mobile searching house in order. The website Search Engine Watch reports the following: – Mobile sales have … Read More

Responsive Web Design . . . Search Engine Benefits

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The topic of SEOs warrants more discussion, as many businesses absolutely must have sites that help them find prospects, and ultimately customers. Here are some key points regarding responsive web design and search engine optimization. Responsive sites are easier for search engines, including Google, to find. Responsive sites provide a single content set. This is important because repetitive content … … Read More

Responsive Web Design . . . What Are the Benefits?

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We’ve touched on benefits here and there, but want to pull them all together to crystallize the case for responsive design. There is one overriding benefit, and Mashable puts it well:  “You build a website once, and it works seamlessly across thousands of different screens.” That sums it up, but specifics never hurt. Here they are: Cost. Development of one … Read More

Responsive Web Design . . . Why Do You Need It?

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RWD is a necessity, not merely a trend, based on numbers culled from media sites. We looked at these media sites because they … – Have a high volume of visitors – Have visitors with varied devices, as will your site – Feature a diverse demographic that likely matches your business in some way – Understand the need to have … Read More

Responsive Web Design . . . How Does it Work?

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Responsive design is implemented through the coding. Initially, coding is typically designed for the desktop site—just like always. But with responsive design, other codes are put in place that order elements to move around a bit when a certain device accesses it. Let’s say you have a few elements prominently displayed on your current website: A logo A single row … Read More

Responsive Web Design . . . What is it?

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Many customers have asked us about “responsive web design,” and we’re ready to provide at least some of the answers. Research has led us to conclude that responsive web design is right for most of our customers—or at least will be one day soon. We’ll explain why in a series of blogs.   Responsive web design ensures your website is … Read More