Your Landing Page One and Done? Not So Fast!

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A landing page is a great tool and focal point for your online marketing efforts.  Once you setup and monitor meaningful metrics for your landing page, don’t be afraid to make changes and then measure the results of those changes. Sometimes changing the on-page content is needed.  Perhaps your landing page copy needs tweaking or the addition of a photo … Read More

Where to Start When Creating a Member Dashboard

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Once you understand the potential for your company or organization in taking your website to the next level, building a community of users via a Member Dashboard, what’s next?  What’s your plan of action? There are three main areas your plan should cover: Technical/Platform Content/Data Access/Flow #1 – Technical/Platform: Determine the eventual size and scope of your dashboard so that … Read More

DotNetNuke Advantage #4 – Portals

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A DNN portal is an entrance to a website.  The DotNetNuke portal has many advantages. Each portal has a domain name such as  If you wanted to buy a different domain name, under a shared hosting environment, you would then need to buy another hosting package.  This could become costly for your business.  When you use a multiple DNN portal system, you have a single hosting … Read More

DotNetNuke Advantage #2- Modules

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DNN modules provide “functionality” of the site.   They can be as simple as a Text Module that allows for easy eantry of content, photos and links.  Some modules have more complex and specific uses like Document Module, Banner Ad Module, News Module, Photo Gallery and Rotating Slides Show  Module, Testimonial Module, and Shopping Cart Module.   These and many, many more are fully … Read More

DotNetNuke Advantage #1- Skins

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DotNetNuke (DNN) is continually growing and constantly developing new features.  DNN tools and features include fully customizable skins, modules, templates and language packs.  DNN Skins are made up of code that determines what the site will look like.  It’s the website’s look and feel.  Pre-made skins are templates and they can be bought online or web designer can customize one for you.  The skin is applied throughout the … Read More

DotNetNuke (DNN) At- A-Glance

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DotNetNuke is a website Content Management (or CMS) platform for Microsoft.  It is estimated that over 700,000 web sites are powered by DNN around the world. DNN is an open source CMS that can also be used as a web application. DNN provides great benefits to developers, end users and decision makers to support a variety of web business goals. … Read More

Are Website Builders for you?

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Website builders (and website creation software) are tools that give you a way to build and design your own site. Website builders are intended to be for the DYI (do-it-yourself) person with little knowledge of programming code like HTML or PHP. Many website builders are free as long as you use the hosting provider that offers that free service. An … Read More