Online Contact Forms Can Spell L-E-A-D-S or S-P-A-M (or even S-C-A-M)

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One of the best means of getting leads from your website is an online form that can be completed by visitors who want to take you up on what your website offers or find out more about your business. As lead generation goes, those that come from a well-conceived online form are typically pretty solid, providing the information your sales … Read More

Preparing for Your Website Upgrade

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So, it’s time to upgrade your website software.  What’s next? Start by opening your favorite browser and go through your website, page-by-page, making good notes about anything that may not be displaying or working correctly.  You may find that the site’s graphics won’t look right or some elements of your content may overlap one another.  Test all the functional elements … Read More

Responsive Web Design . . . What Are the Benefits?

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We’ve touched on benefits here and there, but want to pull them all together to crystallize the case for responsive design. There is one overriding benefit, and Mashable puts it well:  “You build a website once, and it works seamlessly across thousands of different screens.” That sums it up, but specifics never hurt. Here they are: Cost. Development of one … Read More

Wisconsin Web Design – Everything you need to know

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Type “Wisconsin Web Design” into Google and you will get a huge list of results.  What makes one design company different from the other?   For starters, not all businesses have the customer’s best interests in mind!  But how do you know if they do or do not?  Simple. Have you ever called up a design company and asked “how much … Read More